Thursday, July 31, 2014

Rackets and watercolor tennis balls

I think this might be my first "sporty" themed repeat pattern. These rackets have a wood grain pattern. The balls are watercolor. I'll definitely be playing with this medium more often. Find the fabric here.


repeat pattern:

I became inspired and also created this invitation, stickers, and keychains that you can customize with your own name or team. 

(links: invite, Ava sticker, Chloe sticker, Ava keychain, Chloe keychain)


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Spanish lavender - new floral pattern

For this design, I disassembled the bloom of Spanish Lavender. It grows right outside my window and it's so pretty!


Pattern Repeat (fabric here):

Color variation:

Both of these designs are available in pillow form.

 ----- Magenta, Violet, and a 2-designs-in-1 (just flip the pillow over for an alternative look!) ----- 

Friday, July 18, 2014

ping, ping, ping .. SPACE Pinball!

You asked for more pinball fabric, and here it is!

Apparently, I'm not alone in my love of pinball. Wow. I had NO idea! Thank you for those emails, and for the purchase of my designs. It's so cool to connect with other pinball fans.

This time, I created "Cosmic Voyage Pinball" to coincide with Spoonflower's space themed contest. I definitely see more pinball in my future. :)


Repeat Pattern:

And now you can purchase plates and pillows with my three pinball patterns. 

----- Have any ideas to share with me? Email me. I'd love to hear them! -----

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Snowflakes and Faux Fur

It's cold. (and I don't do "cold" very well.) It's hard for me to navigate the months weather-wise even thought this is my full second year in Australia. For me, this is supposed to be a summer month. Not just hot, but sultry-hot. Sandals and pedicures, sunroof open, poolside, barbeque-time hot.

Tonight, here in Toowoomba, high in the mountains, it is time for my trusty space heater to go full blast in my studio while my cat Aker sits nearby, or even curls right next to it. I've made chai tea and have turned on the Air Conditioner (Here, they do not say "turn on the heat", it's "turn on the air-con") to heat up the house so I can cook tonight's comfort food from home: Hamburger Casserole coupled with an Upside-Down Pear Cake which I've never made before and am quite looking forward to. After dinner it's going to be a cozy night in front of the computer meeting a deadline for a new project I'm really excited about.

Meanwhile, I'll show off a faux fur snowflake design I've completed. Not sure where this will be used just yet, but I will let you know once I've decided. My inspiration for this one is obvious: cold weather, but, also, one of my favorite things: warm, faux fur throws. I have two on my bed. It's a perfect way to cheer me through these frigid temps. Hope you enjoy my new designs.

Snow Leopard Snowflake:

Frosty Chocolate:

--- Good Night! ---

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Surfboard Stripe

I'm escaping winter blahs with these vibrant summer hues. This pattern features an ocean wave background against stripes. In front are colorful surfboards embellished with a wood grain pattern. I really like to play with layers of pattern and see how much I can add without anything getting lost.


repeat pattern:

--- available here ---

Friday, May 30, 2014

Violet & Pink Cricket Ditsy

I ordered a swatch of my violet & pink cricket ditsy in Silky fraille and am so pleased with the vibrancy of the print!  It's 100% polyester with excellent drape. I love fabric that doesn't need ironing.

Scan of fabric:

This is from Spoonflower's website:
This elegant fabric drapes beautifully and is appropriate for a variety of different projects. When printed, this 100% polyester fabric features crisp, brilliant color that holds up great in the wash. Its soft touch makes it ideal for apparel, such as dresses, blouses and scarves. Pillows and drapes are also a great way to take advantage of this fabric’s perfect weight and flow. 

  • 100% polyester with excellent drape
  • 54" wide printable area (137 cm)
  • White, 4.4 oz per square yard
  • Estimated shrinkage: 2-3%
  • Vibrant color and improved wash durability
  • Non-toxic inks, eco-friendly printing
  • 20% discount for 20+ yards

---- find it here ----

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I Like a Smooth Man

This new trend of growing facial hair.... not my choice look for men. My two deal breakers are smokers and men with beards. I like a clean, smooth face (with a nice cologne) and fresh breath. Don't get me wrong, some men look great with facial hair. Plus, I love illustrations of them. But up close and personal?

So for this week's theme of celebrating mustaches and beards for Spoonflower, I stayed true to my preference.

I learned a couple of things while I researched for images/ideas.

1. Apparently shaving while outside of your car use to be the "thing" to do?? Too funny.

2. Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor use to shave their faces for extra exfoliation. It's supposed to add a glow to your skin. (see here)

Anyway, here is my pattern in detail:

and in repeat:

---- find it here ----